Wilderness Photography

Posted: Mar 24, 2014 | Category: Sightseeing & More | View All Blog Posts

You can’t take a bad picture in Loring-Restoule!

In a place that has some of the most stunning scenery in all of Ontario, the opportunities for shutterbugs to capture the essence of the Canadian wilderness are everywhere you look.Loons

Whether it’s a picture of your buddy holding up a prize pickerel catch, kids looking for fox tracks, deer crossing your path up ahead on the trail, or loons cruising across the lake, keep your camera handy and by vacation’s end you’ll have an incredible wilderness photography album to share with friends back home. Here are just a few photos to give you a better picture of the incredible flora and fauna in Loring-Restoule.Baby Snapping TurtleBeaverTrillium FlowerWoodpeckerMoose