Share Your Memories With Us

Posted: Jan 21, 2015 | Category: Sightseeing & More | View All Blog Posts


It has been said that a pictures says a thousand words.  Share your memories of the region online  with the Loring-Restoule Photography Project on Facebook.  This group was created to showcase the awe inspiring wilderness of our region.

You simply cannot take a bad photo in Loring-Restoule!  With vast forests farther than the eye can see, endless freshwater lakes, rivers, creeks & wetlands;  there are always opportunities for wildlife shots that will astound friends and family.


Just driving down the Hwy 522 or 534 corridors can be an experience of wilderness delight.  Often spotted are bear, fox, deer and moose.

Be sure to stop along Hwy 522 West and take a photo with our large Inukshuk.  This towering rock statue creates a mighty impression on the landscape!

In Loring-Restoule you will experience rugged, unspoiled wilderness as nature intended.  Our four season destination has wonderful photography opportunities for both professional and amateur photographers.  Whether your photos are of family enjoying vacationing at one of our many resorts, or scenic shots of wilderness they are very welcome in this group.  There is a special quality of light that changes throughout the seasons, and it is reflected in the calm blue waters of our lakes and rivers.  This is the region that memories are made in, and the colours of our changing seasons, reflect the joy you have found here.

Greg Bourbonniere Pickerel River
Greg Bourbonniere Pickerel River