Moose, Our Great Roadside Attraction

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Springtime holds many wonderful surprises in the Loring-Restoule Region.  A Favorite pastime of many is driving down Hwy 522 and 534 to catch a glimpse of our great roadside attraction…Moose!


Moose are on the move this time of year, drawn out of the bush for warmth, as well as to graze on plant life and remnants of road salt leftover from the winter. Moose become salt depleted during our long northern winters and the spring runoff causes road salt to pool in ditches where new plant life is growing.  The perfect conditions for foraging moose.

For surprisingly large animals, moose can often be difficult to spot in roadside thickets or ditches.  Driving with caution is key to be safe for both human and moose.  It is best to slowly pull over to the shoulder and put your four way flashers on to alert other drivers that you are stopping and to be aware.

If you wish to photograph these stunning creatures, please remember to keep a safe distance and not unduly stress the animal…this is especially true for cows with baby moose at side, as they can be incredibly protective of their young.

Moose have a strange but majestic appearance, making them one of the Canadian North’s most iconic species. They have long slim legs with cloven hooves topped by a large thick, slab sided body with massively muscled shoulders, giving them a humped appearance not unlike a camel.  Their head is heavy and compact with a very long nose and mobile upper lip. Male Bulls often sport an enormous rack of antlers that can reach more than 150cm between the widest tips.

To learn more about moose visit Grundy or Restoule Provincial Park and take part in their nature interpretation program or visit Nature Trail an interpretive website of our area. Loring-Restoule is located in WMU 47.

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