Loring Restoule Welcomes Hardcore Outdoor Fans

Posted: Apr 16, 2017 | Category: Fishing & Hunting | View All Blog Posts

Its location just off the beaten path south of Ontario’s Lake Nipissing makes Loring-Restoule a favourite destination for avid adventurers. Here you’ll experience the Canadian wilderness in the best way possible – in thick forests, on quiet lakes, and with much of the landscape all to yourself, and in a community that shares your enthusiasm for all things outdoors.


It’s not for nothing that the main waterway through these parts is called the Pickerel River. Fishing is a big deal here and everyone gets in on the action on dozens of lakes and rivers, from seasoned anglers to little kids trying their luck off a dock.

The habitat is fish-friendly, with sand, rocks, deadwood and weeds around to make ideal pooling conditions, so try your luck fishing for Smallies, Large Mouth Bass, Perch, Pike and Pickerel (Walleye to our American friends).


The Argyle Fish Hatchery has been involved in re-stocking initiatives in the Loring-Restoule region for over 20 years. That’s great news for the avid fishermen: you’re guaranteed to experience some of the best angling in the region on the iconic Pickerel River and surrounding waterways.


Unlike some of our cottage country neighbors to the south, the Loring-Restoule region supports a thriving hunting culture and welcomes visiting hunters to these parts.

There’s plenty to hunt here, including black bear, birds and of course, with the largest deer yard in Ontario here, these white-tailed beauties. Local lodges and resorts can give tips for hunting each species, and experienced guides are available to assist you if you are new to hunting in the region (especially black bear).


ATV Adventures

Getting around by ATV to do some outdoor adventuring is just a part of daily living in this part of Ontario. With tons of Crown Land everywhere you turn, a tour on these machines can take you to places no one’s ever been before, and you get to see parts of the landscape that just aren’t accessible by car.

Plenty of resorts and lodges welcome trailers, and some have machines that guests can use on guided tours. Most of all, when the mud flies in spring and fall, be sure to head to Roxie’s DinerJake’s Place or Lost Channel Inn for some great food: yours won’t be the only ATV in the parking lot.


Check out the video of ATV touring in the Explorers’ Edge region, featuring Laurie de Vree of Cedar Grove Camp in Restoule.