Fishing for Pickerel

Posted: May 2, 2016 | Category: Fishing & Hunting | View All Blog Posts

The opening of Pickerel Season in the Loring-Restoule region is a much anticipated event.  The region has been involved in an active restocking program for over 20 years with the Argyle Fish Hatchery.  The Argyle Fish Hatchery runs an annual Poker run at the start of every summer to benefit their restocking efforts.

This popular sport fish, also known as walleye is a favorite of anglers everywhere.  Prized for its great taste and feisty behaviour, it is the most popular gamefish in Ontario.  The name walleye comes from the fact that their eyes reflect light and shine back at you.  This unique quality allows Pickerel/walleye to easily see in low-light and areas of murky poor visibility, for ease of capturing their prey.  The pickerel is also able to see well in rough water, on overcast days and at deep depths.  Often the best days to catch pickerel are when the water is choppy and the sky cloudy.  In the warmer months, walleye seek cool deep water, while in the spring they can often be found in more shallow murky spots.  Dawn and dusk are active feeding times for pickerel.  These fish have a mouth full of sharp teeth, and spiny dorsal fins.

If fishing during the day in deeper water, live minnows or lures such as spinners, crankbaits and jigs work well.  The same can be used in the evenings, however they often congregate in shallower water in the evening.

The Pickerel River is named after this popular fish, but the majority of our surrounding lakes and rivers have not only Pickerel, but pike, bass and panfish.

To learn more about fishing regulations, visit the MNR Fishing site

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