Ice Fishing-Getting Hooked on Frozen Lakes

Posted: Feb 4, 2015 | Category: Fishing & Hunting | View All Blog Posts

Experience the thrill of ice fishing on our frozen lakes and rivers.  This winter sport is both, fun, social and entertaining for all ages.  Fishing enthusiasts love the Loring-Restoule region for outdoor adventure and angling.  Combine a stay at one of our Resorts & Lodges with a snowmobile ride out to your own hut on the frozen lake.  Share fish stories, while you enjoy a cookout of the days catch.


ice fishing cookout

Fish for walleye/pickerel, lake trout, pike and more!

Local bait & tackle shops are always happy to outfit you with gear, a fishing license, and share fishing tips and stories of our region.  Our many lakes and rivers are pure paradise for the fishing enthusiast looking for rugged, scenic wilderness, and the thrill of the catch!

Introduce a friend or child to ice fishing during the Ontario’s Family Fishing weekend February 14-16; this is a great way for people new to the sport to experience what fishing is all about.

kids ice fishing

For the traditionalist who does not mind the cold, simply head out on the ice, drill a hole and get fishing.  For those who prefer some heat and respite from the elements…why not try an ice hut.  These run from basic, to comfy, some even have heat and padded seats!  However you choose to ice fish, we know you will have an experience to remember in Loring-Restoule.  Don’t forget your camera; we love to see photos of your fun day of fishing.


Check out these great links to accommodation, gear, and people “in the know” to make your ice fishing trip memorable.

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