A Fisher’s Paradise

Posted: Mar 24, 2014 | Category: Fishing & Hunting | View All Blog Posts

Loring-Restoule is home to the iconic Pickerel River system, over 40 kilometres of navigable waterways that connect many of the beautiful lakes in the area, making this one of the top destinations for recreational and avid fishing in the province.

A Fisher’s Paradise

There are many opportunities for every level of angler to fish here, from beginners to seasoned veterans. Enjoy fishing off the dock, drive in to fishing lodges, or boat in to lakes more off the beaten path. Serious anglers can also fly-in to our most remote fishing hot spots to enjoy our waters and the rewards of a fantastic fishing adventure.

Lakes, Lakes and More Lakes

Try your luck on any number of places you’ll have mostly to yourself, including Wilson Lake, Commanda Lake, and Lake Restoule, as well as back lakes such as Smoky Lake, Arthur Lake, Loon Lake, Bass Lake, Balsam Lake, Windy Lake, Sand Lake, Shoal Lake, Burnt Lake, Clear Lake, and Lemon Lake, which run into the French River closer to Georgian Bay. The water is calm with no swells, so fishing every day is almost guaranteed. From fly fishing to ice fishing – however you like to catch your fish – you’ll find it here.

The fish habit is diverse along miles of water, with ideal pooling features like sand, rocks, deadwood and weeds – everything that supports different fish species.

Popular fish species of the Pickerel River system include small mouth bass, large mouth bass, perch, pike and pickerel (walleye).

Loring-Restoule attracts pickerel (or walleye as our American friends say) fans in particular, thanks to the Argyle Fish Enhancement Program and its re-stocking efforts. (Port Loring was home to the first restocking program in the province, ensuring that the Pickerel River lives up to its name.)

And fishing is a popular and inexpensive activity for families that visit, one where you can create memories to last a lifetime. Being out on the water with your nearest and dearest gives you time to connect in between bites on the line, while giving everyone an appreciation for the natural world around you.

Need help finding a spot to fish or looking for some tackle? Ask your local accommodations provider for tips or visit a bait shop in the region. To plan your stay, click here.