Winter Camping Adventure

Posted: Feb 9, 2015 | Category: Arts & Culture | View All Blog Posts

Looking for an experience you will remember for years to come?  Add winter backpacking or camping to your bucketlist and get ready to be fuelled by adventure.

The winter camping experience appeals to those who love the solitude and breathtaking beauty of winter wilderness. Families with children can enjoy winter camping; there are no bugs or crowds this time of year.

winter snow angel

In Loring-Restoule, our Provincial Parks close for the winter season, but there are experienced operators in the area that would be happy to guide you or set you up for a winter backpacking or camping adventure.

When winter camping, it is best to come prepared in advance.  Make sure that you know where you are headed and what the weather and snow conditions are like.  It is best to travel with someone on this epic adventure.  With a little bit of advanced prep, you will be surprised by how comfortable winter camping can be!

Make sure that your tent is winter friendly, and that your clothing and sleeping bags are rated for the temperatures that you will experience.  Having a dry supply of firewood on hand, a shovel, and a flashlight or lantern are a must this time of year.  It is important that you reach your destination, with enough daylight hours to properly set up camp.  You also want to be sure that you pitch your tent in an area protected from harsh winter wind.

For those that want the winter camping experience for only a night or 2, but want a more cozy setting to finish your trip; why not rent a cabin from a local operator and take in all that our region has to offer.