Dippy Boats Celebrate 100 Years

Posted: May 2, 2015 | Category: Arts & Culture | View All Blog Posts

The magnificent “Dippy” boat celebrates 100 years of waterway enjoyment in 2015.  The Dippy boat, is a Cedar strip creation with a disappearing propeller, commonly known as a Dispro Boat.

In 1914 an engineer crafted the idea of adding a disappearing propeller to a cedar rowboat design, allowing the propeller to be cranked up inside the housing of the boat, so they were able to miss hitting rocks and dead heads in the water. In 1915, the boat was manufactured in Port Carling by Uncle Billy’s boat shop, and the design was such a hit boats were shipped all over Europe.  The boat was promoted as “The greatest little motor boat afloat”. These boats were in production in Ontario until the 1950’s.  The cypress planked hulls were not prone to rot, and many of these prized boats have been lovingly restored to their former glory.  It has been said that owning a Dippie boat is both a source of pride, devotion & annoyance.  For more on these collector worthy boats please visit the Dispro Owners Association.


In June 2014 a large flotilla of Dippy boats took part in a trip along the iconic Pickerel River system from Lost Channel Inn to Wilson Lake in Port Loring, cruising past Pine Grove Resort, visiting Old Mirror Lodge, waving at the fine folks of Northern Lights Resort and stopping in at Tornado’s Resort.

Resort guests and cottagers lined up on shorelines and docks to snap pictures of these beautiful boats.

We hope to have the members of the Dispro Association will find their way back to the Pickerel River for a 2015 celebration event.