Wild Berry Picking

Posted: Aug 17, 2016 | Category: Cottaging | View All Blog Posts

One of those iconic childhood memories of the cottage often involve eating berries, handpicked from the plant.  Loring-Restoule has a bounty of sweet fruit throughout the spring/summer season.  Starting in late May through June the tiny wild strawberry is one of the most delectable and flavourful of the wild fruits.  These tiny red fruits are an explosion of sweet scent and taste.  The wild strawberry is an excellent accent to pancakes, salads and desserts, also wonderful as Jams & jellies.  When visiting our local farmers market vendors often have jams, jellies & sauces made from wild sourced fruit.

In July/August wild raspberries grow in abundance throughout the region, and are prized for their sweet & tart taste.  The wild blueberry also begins in late July and continues to grow into late August/early September. Harvesting Wild Blueberries is a Canadian tradition that provides a source of revenue for many in the region who sell bushels at the market and at roadside stands. Blueberries have many health benefits and are packed with antioxidants.  They are easy to store, and can be frozen to be used later, making a wonderful addition to many recipes as well as herbal tea.

Blackberries start in August through September and are prized for their plump dark appearance and their sweetly tart taste.  These berries grow very low to the ground, as well as high bush, and can often be fairly hidden.

Local horticulture experts such as Commanda Country Gardens can help you learn about planting berries, gardens, and or harvesting wild edibles.  Why not pay them a visit and experience their beautiful greenhouse.

While in Loring-Restoule drop into Buchanan’s or Rupert’s Variety, and pick up supplies for canning & berry picking, or ingredients to make Berry Bannock, a rich Native recipe that can be cooked in a skillet over the campfire.

Wild Berry Bannock

-Mix 2 cups of flour, 3 tsp baking powder, 4 tbsp powdered milk & a pinch of salt.

-6 tbsp butter, margarine, or shortening

– 1 cup washed berries lightly dusted with sugar or flour, mix in gently to coat

– 1/3 cup water, mix with dough

-Shape dough into 1” thick rounded cakes, dust with flour and add to a well-greased pan/skillet

-Cook over medium heat until a crust forms on the bottom

-With a spatula, flip gently and cook through the other side

-Best enjoyed with local maple syrup, and blueberry tea.


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