Sharing Nature With Children

Posted: Jan 28, 2015 | Category: Cottaging | View All Blog Posts

When you share nature with children you open up a world of memories and skills that will remain with them for life.  Not only is being out in the fresh air healthy, it connects them to the world outside of their norm.

To see a child playing free and unplugged in nature is sure to put a smile on your face and theirs.  Vacationing at “The Cottage” is a time honored tradition for many.  Being together in the wilderness often brings families closer together.  Nature Education, creates a love of the environment, a desire to learn, and promotes caring for ecosystems and all of the interconnected life within.



Children love to learn about wildlife.  Loring-Restoule is a region where they can get close to wilderness and often hold it in the palm of their hand.  Some vacation destinations offer your child a mechanical chipmunk.  In our region, the wildlife comes standard, and real chipmunks are all a part of the experience.


Ours is a region of unstructured activity, where kids can explore, learn, grow and enjoy on their own terms.  Camping, cottaging, hiking, canoeing and fishing are all experiences that create a true love of wilderness and the outdoors life.  Being in Nature reduces stress, and expands their minds.

So hit the trails, take to the forest, and explore with your children our rugged, unspoiled wilderness, just as nature intended.

To learn more about wildlife in our region:

Visit Grundy or Restoule Provincial Park to learn about their Natural Heritage Education Program

Browse the Nature Trail website with information on the local Flora and Fauna of our region

Discover the wonders of Nature through the Children’s Outdoor Charter.  This fun site has games, activities, education and downloads for children exploring nature.