Northern Gold, Pure Maple Syrup

Posted: Mar 16, 2016 | Category: Family Vacations | View All Blog Posts

Who doesn’t love maple syrup? The sweet golden gift of the north brings smiles to the faces of young and old alike.  Some of the best maple syrup in the world is arguably found in the Great Canadian Wilderness of Loring-Restoule.

Loring-Restoule has a long history of syrup making.  When you purchase syrup in our region, rest assured it was made here.

Sap starts running in the springtime in Ontario.  Around March/April when the temperatures go below 0 degrees at night and above freezing in the day, the sugar maple trees are tapped for their sap.  The sap is collected and boiled down in the sugar shack.  As the sap boils, water evaporates off, turning it into a thicker, sweeter syrup.  It takes approximately 40 liters (10.5 gallons) of sap to make one liter of pure maple syrup.

pancakesThere is something special about tucking into a warm plate of pancakes or French toast, drizzled in sweet maple syrup. What could be better on a cold day, then enjoying a homemade breakfast in front of a crackling fire.  Who said Maple syrup was just for breakfast?  The uses are endless.  It is a wonderful substitute for sugar in coffee or tea, and can be added into just about any recipe. Sauces, marinades, cookies, candy, flavored coffee & tea, even maple butter, make it one of the most versatile products around.

Local restaurants like Jakes Place & Roxie’s Diner offer a wonderful hearty breakfast, if you are looking for a plate piled high with pancakes or french toast, they have you covered!

Want to have some fun with the kids? Why not make some wild blueberry moose pancakes, with local blueberries when in season (July/August).  Maple syrup and wild blueberries are a magical combination.

Moose Pancakes

Local maple syrup can be found at the Argyle Farmers Market, look for the Funnel cake sign…YUM! And you will see some northern gold for sale!  Why not ask Linda if she can drizzle some on your funnel cake, and purchase a jar to take home.  Maple syrup is also for sale at shops in town such as Ruperts Variety, Buchanan’s , Mike’s Marine, Stonethrow Pottery, and The SunDog Gallery.