Stars So Close, You Can Almost Touch Them…

Posted: Mar 12, 2014 | Category: Family Vacations | View All Blog Posts

To really experience the wonder of nature, spend at least one night of the year outside under the open sky.

Late summer is without a doubt the best time to do cast your eyes up to the Loring-Restoule sky at night; most of the insects are gone, the air is warm, and the August hosts constellations well worth staying up for.

This region is a place where at night the stars are so close it feels like the earth touches the sky. Getting to your preferred vantage point at dusk will allow you to watch birds flit across above you as they go to the trees to roost.

As the night darkens and the quiet surrounds you, enjoy the flash of shooting stars (don’t forget to make a wish!). The late summer is also a great time to enjoy meteors. aqn unforgettable thrill comes with the sight of the big and little dipper, the Milky Way and for the constellationinclined, later in the night, Orion will show in the east, and the winter triangle will become visible.

And be sure to experience the night sky when the crisp chill of winter is in the air, and when the only sound is the crunch of snow under your feet. Then head back inside a cosy cottage to warm yourself in front of a roaring fire at one of our many friendly area resorts & lodges.

Whatever the season, when you are in Loring-Restoule, far from city lights, be sure to look up to enjoy the wonder of a dark sky in Ontario.