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One of those iconic childhood memories of the cottage often involve eating berries, handpicked from the plant.  Loring-Restoule has a bounty of sweet fruit throughout the spring/summer season.  Starting in late May through June the…
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motorcycle loring
Hug the curves of the road as you explore around the next bend, experience the Loring-Restoule region’s exceptional riding for the motorcycle enthusiast. The scenic vistas of white pine and hemlock forests, combined with sugar…
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When you’re ready to take a break from lazing at the beach or floating in the lake, there’s lots to see and do in Loring-Restoule that will give you a taste for local custom and…
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kelsey boat
Experience the thrill of open water by boat.  Loring-Restoule is a region of water, from lakes and rivers, to creeks & wetlands we have many scenic miles for you to explore.  The iconic Pickerel River…
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canoe port loring
Explore the Pickerel River, an iconic Canoe Route...Follow the river via kayak or canoe and take part in a journey of historical significance.  Paddled by First Nations from Wauquimakog (Wilson Lake) along the Pickerel River…
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kids fishing
Teach your child to fish, or introduce a friend to fishing during Ontario Family Fishing Events. Fishing teaches children a new skill, gives them knowledge of safe boating and conservation practices. During Family Fishing events…
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northern lights pickerel
The opening of Pickerel Season in the Loring-Restoule region is a much anticipated event.  The region has been involved in an active restocking program for over 20 years with the Argyle Fish Hatchery.  The Argyle…
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Anna Nitschke
One of the fastest growing outdoor activities in North America is Birdwatching.  Whether watching birds at your bird feeder of tracking their flight patterns and nesting sites, many people are addicted to our feathered friends. …
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