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ee winter
Get your dose of winter adventure before it melts away.  Loring-Restoule shows you winter’s beauty at its finest.  Our groomed trails are some of the best in the province, with access to many different trail…
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Dog Friendly
No vacation is complete without the entire family, but finding that perfect dog friendly vacation spot can be a challenge. A dog lover cannot imagine going away without their treasured four legged buddy.  Finding that utopia…
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snow angels
Winter in Loring-Restoule is the ultimate playground, and an incredible vacation destination.  Taking time to play in the snow is fun for young and old alike.  The winter season creates opportunities for recreation and family…
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farmers Market
Experience the Argyle Farmers market, which is the essence of our small town community life.  This weekly market, located at the Arnstein Arena during the summer months, brings in tourists and locals alike.  The market…
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motorcycle loring
Hug the curves of the road as you explore around the next bend, experience the Loring-Restoule region’s exceptional riding for the motorcycle enthusiast. The scenic vistas of white pine and hemlock forests, combined with sugar…
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restoule Provincial Park
Hiking in the Provincial Park is a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy!  In the Loring-Restoule Region we are lucky to be close to many parks, with two located in our immediate area. …
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cross country ski
Cross Country skiing is a sport that gets your heart beating faster and works every muscle in your body.  This healthy sport is a fun and relatively easy activity that the whole family can enjoy,…
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ee romance
Winter is the perfect season to get closer to that special someone. Adding a little romance to your vacation is as easy as booking a trip to Loring-Restoule.  Our vast expanse of wilderness; with its…
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