Renowned Northern Hospitality

Posted: Feb 17, 2019 | Category: Cottaging | View All Blog Posts

We are a region of smiles. Friendly people and places are the hallmark of Loring-Restoule.  It doesn’t matter if you are stopping to get gas, eating at a local restaurant, shopping at the Farmers Market, visiting local artisans or staying at one of our many resorts & lodges.

Loring-Restoule is a place where we still make time for small talk, and being neighborly is a way of life. Drop by the Port Loring or Restoule Legion for fun events, dinners, and entertainment. You are sure to have a memorable time.  The beauty of small town living, is that many of our associations are run by volunteers.  These hardworking people are the backbone of the community.

Shopping places like Trash & Treasures you are sure to find something unique. This quaint little shop is run entirely by volunteers and all proceeds are donated back to the volunteer run Argyle Fire Department! There is a lot of knowledge that comes from a place where the founding families still reside.  Looking for a place to go fishing? Wondering about local lore?  Chances are you just need to stop in at Roxie’s DinerJakes Place Restaurant, or Tornados Restaurant to catch up on the local gossip.

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In Loring-Restoule we pride ourselves on friendly northern hospitality, stay here for a weekend, and you will make memories and friendships that last a lifetime.  This is the region that people come back to, there is a pride and love of place here…in the region where guests become friends.