Explore The Wolf-Pickerel Canoe Route

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Explore the Pickerel River, an iconic Canoe Route…Follow the river via kayak or canoe and take part in a journey of historical significance.  Paddled by First Nations from Wauquimakog (Wilson Lake) along the Pickerel River to the Wolf River, and later via the Kawigamog Ferry taking passengers along the same route.  Feel the history of the river with every dip of your paddle…



Route Length- 51 km
Number of Portages- 1-2
Campsites- 17 (Some not maintained)

Access Points
The Wolf and Pickerel canoe route starts at a public access point located where the township road crosses the Wolf River 6km north of Loring.  The route ends at the government dock on Wakuimakog (Wilson Lake) at Port Loring.  8km (5 miles) south of the starting point.  Access is also possible at a public access point on the west side of the Ess Narrows.

Camping Areas

There are 17 camping areas suitable for 1 or 2 tents.  However, most of these sites are in the Dollars Lake area, because of the rugged nature of the Wolf & Pickerel River shorelines.  Most of the shoreline is crown land except where there are cottages & resorts.  Many of the resorts along the route offer campground sites subject to a fee and current availability.  Why not plan your trip ahead and book a cottage at one of the local resorts for the finale of your trip and enjoy a hot shower and comfy beds!

One portage of 130m (140 yards) around the south side of the Pine Lake Dam.  A natural spring can be found on a path leading south from the portage.  When camping out of the Wolf River into Dollars Lake, there is a 320m (350 yard) portage to the main camping areas above the Dollars Lake Dam.  This portage can be used instead of paddling around the point of land in Dollars Lake.

Groceries and convenience items can be obtained at local stores such as Buchanans in Port Loring and Ruperts Variety in the town of Arnstein.  There is also a grocery and one stop shop located near Grundy Lake/Grundy Provincial Park.
Canoes & Kayaks can be rented from various local resorts as well as from the Grundy Lake Supply Post.  Arrangements can also be made in Port Loring for transportation back to your starting point upon completion of your trip.  Make a visit to Tornado’s Restaurant and watch the float planes take off.
Jakes Place Restaurant is a great place to treat yourself to a home cooked hot meal when you arrive at Wilson Lake…just a short walk from the government dock. Roxie’s Diner is also close by.

Many of our Resorts handle canoe rentals, and are able to provide maps of the river system.  If you are looking to combine your stay with a canoe trip, we encourage you to contact them.

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