Cross-Country Ski Through Unspoiled Wilderness

Posted: Jan 12, 2016 | Category: Camping & Hiking | View All Blog Posts

Cross Country skiing is a sport that gets your heart beating faster and works every muscle in your body.  This healthy sport is a fun and relatively easy activity that the whole family can enjoy, both young and old.  The Loring-Restoule region offers many spaces for an exhilarating ski, from frozen rivers, to logging roads, and private wooded trails; there are many ways to take in the breathtaking winter landscape.

This sport is affordable too! All you need are a set of ski’s, some poles and the right type of footwear.  Avid hikers enjoy this recreational activity as you can still strap on a backpack and venture into the wilderness.  For the more adventurous, or those who just can’t leave fido at the cottage, why not try skijoring.


Skijoring is a sport, where you harness your dog to you, and they pull you through the snow while on cross country skis.  Dogs do need to be trained for this, but many love to pull and are happy to learn this skill.


Cross Country Skiing is a sport that is both exhilarating and graceful, once you have the smooth motion down pat it almost feels like you are dancing across the snow. This sport is an aerobic activity, which means your body generates a lot of heat.  It is important to wear breathable layers of clothing, with an outer layer of windproof jacket and pants.

Hit the trails with your family and friends, then head on out to Roxie’s Diner, Jakes Place or Tornados Restaurant for a scrumptious meal that is sure to warm you up body and soul.

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