Authentic Canadian Artisans

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Loring-Restoule is home to a vibrant community of artisans.  These, authentic Canadian Craftsman, are inspired by the rugged unspoiled beauty of our region.  From our many lakes and rivers to vast forests of Pine, Hemlock and Cedar, to the intensely diverse population of wildlife; you can’t help but feel the energy of creativity enrich your soul!

Working with their hands these talented artists create mugs & bowls from Pottery, one of a kind, pieces of jewellery, handmade flutes, quilts, and gift items that will be cherished for a lifetime.

SunDog Gallery
SunDog Gallery

The photography opportunities in our region are some of the best anywhere.  Talented local photographers sell cards and prints of wildlife and local scenery.  These are a great keepsake from your time in Northern Cottage Country.  Painters are always inspired by the landscapes of our region…look no further than the legendary Group of Seven, who regularly painted where the Pickerel River meets the French River.


Cottager and artist, Ann Ducharme paints nature scenes on birch bark, so you not only take home a wonderful painting, but a piece of our region as well. We have authors, musicians and poets, rounding out those who make their life with the creative and vibrant energy of our region.

Ann Ducharme
Ann Ducharme

One of the best ways to meet local artisans is a self guided studio tour. Many studios keep irregular hours so it is always good to either check out their website or call ahead for operating hours. The Farmers Market in July/August is also a space where many of our local artists & artisans congregate.


Here is a small slice of artisans & galleries in our region.

Rockcliffe Pottery & Craft Shop

Stonethrow Pottery

The SunDog Gallery